Concert Playlists


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  1. The Man With The Wind At His Heels
  2. Everybody Takes A Tumble
  3. The Glastonbury Song
  4. It’s Gonna Rain
  5. Love Will Shoot You Down
  6. Killing My Heart / Band Intro
  7. Strange Arrangement
  8. Peace Of Iona
  9. The Raggle Taggle Gypsy
  10. The Whole Of The Moon
  11. The Story Of Alan Chine / Sustain
  12. She Tried To Hold Me
  13. Mike explaining the: Reel / Waltz / Polka / Jig
  14. When Will We Be Married?
  15. The Stolen Child
  16. Red Army Blues
  17. Medicine Bow
  18. The Pan Within
  19. How Long Will I Love You (AH voc, ac guitar)
  20. Fisherman’s Blues (AH el guitar)

Mike Scott - vocals, lead and rhythm guitar, piano
Steve Wickham - fiddle, electric fuzz fiddle, mandolin
Richard Naiff - piano, Hammond organ, keyboards
Mark Smith - bass
Damon Wilson - drums

Askil Holm - vokal, akustisk gitar, el gitar

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