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The Waterboys: 2003-01-23 - Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow, Scotland

See the setlist at setlist.fm2003-01-23 - Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow, Scotland
Mike Scott - Vocals, Guitar, Piano
Steve Wickham - Electric Fiddle, Electric Mandolin
Richard Naiff - Keyboards
Brad Weissman - Bass
Geoff Dugmore - Drums, Backing Vocals
  1. The Christ In You
  2. Gala
  3. Sustain
  4. Bring 'Em All In
  5. The Girl In The Swing
  6. Universal Hall
  7. When Ye Go Away
  8. Something That Is Gone
  9. Sweet Thing + This Is The Sea
  10. Long Way To The Light
  11. Strange Boat
  12. Medicine Bow
  13. The Whole Of The Moon
  14. Don't Bang The Drum
  15. Glastonbury Song
  16. The Pan Whitin
  17. Fisherman's Blues
  18. A Man Is In Love
  19. Let It Happen
  20. Dunford's Fancy + The Kings Of Kerry

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Rnd. Tracklist

1988-12-22 - Seapoint, Galway, Ireland
Mike Scott - Vocals, Guitars, Piano
Anthony Thistlethwaite - Sax, Electric Mandolin, Mouth Organ
Steve Wickham - Fiddle, Vocals
Trevor Hutchinson - Bass, Bouzouki
Fran Breen - Drums
Vinnie Kilduff - Uillean Pipes, Whistle
Colin Blakey - Flute, Whistle, Piano, Organ

Roddy Lorimer - Trumpet

Tomas Mac Eoin - Lead vocals (as detailed above)
Charlie Lennon - Fiddle on "When Ye Go Away"
Alec Finn - Bouzouki on "When Ye Go Away" and "O'Carolan's Welcome"
Brendan O'Regan - Bouzouki on "The Good Ship Sirius"
  1. Fisherman's Blues
  2. Medicine Bow
  3. Meet Me At The Station
  4. Strange Boat
  5. The Twa' Recruitin' Sergeants
  6. Has Anybody Here Seen Hank
  7. Old England
  8. And A Bang On The Ear
  9. Mister Customs Man
  10. Jimmy Hickey's Waltz
  11. When Will We Be Married
  12. Be My Enemy
  13. When Ye Go Away
  14. Savage Earth Heart
  15. The Whole Of The Moon
  16. An Cailin Alainn
  17. Bleann Na Bo
  18. The Stolen Child
  19. This Land Is Your Land
  20. A Pagan Place
  21. O'Carolan's Welcome + The Good Ship Sirius
  22. Lost Highway

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