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The Waterboys: 1984-12-06 - El Mocambo Club,Toronto, Canada (Radio Broadcast)

See the setlist at setlist.fm1984-12-06 - El Mocambo Club,Toronto, Canada (Radio Broadcast)
Mike Scott - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Anthony Thistlethwaite - Sax
Karl Wallinger - Keyboards, vocals
Martyn Swain - Bass
Chris Whitten - Drums
  1. Rags
  2. Three Day Man
  3. All The Things She Gave Me
  4. Girl Called Johnny
  5. Somebody Might Wave Back
  6. Trumpets
  7. A Pagan Place
  8. The Earth Only Endures-Big Music
  9. Red Army Blues
  10. Savage Earth Heart
  11. I Will Not Follow

1984-12-06 - El Mocambo Club,Toronto, Canada ticket stub


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2013-12-22 - Leisureland, Galway, Ireland
Mike Scott - vocals, guitar, piano
Steve Wickham - fiddle
Anto Thistlethwaite - sax, mandolin, harmonica, organ
Trevor Hutchinson - bass guitar, upright bass
Ralph Salmins - drums
  1. Strange Boat
  2. Higherbound
  3. A Girl Called Johnny
  4. Ain't Leaving, I'm Gone
  5. When Ye Go Away
  6. Girl Of The North Country
  7. Tenderfootin'
  8. When Will We Be Married
  9. The Raggle Taggle Gypsy
  10. We Will Not Be Lovers
  11. Be My Enemy
  12. Don't Bang The Drum
  13. Sweet Thing
  14. On My Way To Heaven
  15. Fisherman's Blues
  16. Carolan's Welcome
  17. Dunford's Fancy
  18. The Whole Of The Moon
  19. How Long Will I Love You
  20. And A Bang On The Ear

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