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The Waterboys: 2007-03-31 - Sentrum Scene, Oslo, Norway

See the setlist at setlist.fm2007-03-31 - Sentrum Scene, Oslo, Norway
  1. The Man With The Wind At His Heels
  2. Everybody Takes a Tumble
  3. The Crash Of Angel Wings
  4. Love Will SHoot You Down
  5. Nobody's Baby Anymore
  6. Strange Arrangement
  7. It's Gonna Rain
  8. Old England
  9. Glastonbury Song
  10. Peace Of Iona
  11. Killing My Heart
  12. The Whole Of The Moon
  13. Sustain
  14. She Tried To Hold Me
  15. When Will We Be Married
  16. The Stolen Child
  17. Red Army Blues
  18. Medicine Bow
  19. The Pan Whitin
  20. You In The Sky
  21. Fisherman's Blues
  22. Blue Suede Shoes-Hound Dog
  23. Be My Enemy

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2013-10-08 - Sunset Center, Carmel, CA, USA (w/Freddie Stevenson opening)
Freddie Stevenson
  1. Don't Fall in Love
  2. Dying to Turn You On
  3. Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
  4. Lost
  5. Sweet Revenge
  6. I Am the Ocean
See the setlist at setlist.fmThe Waterboys
Mike Scott - vocals, guitar, piano
Steve Wickham - electric fiddle
Jay Barclay - lead guitar
Daniel Mintseris - keyboards
Malcolm Gold - bass
Chris Benelli - drums
  1. Strange Boat
  2. Fisherman's Blues
  3. A Girl Called Johnny
  4. She Tried To Hold Me
  5. Still A Freak
  6. The Girl In The Swing
  7. Song of Wandering Aengus
  8. When Ye Go Away
  9. Your Cheatin' Heart
  10. Glastonbury Song
  11. White Birds
  12. Spirit
  13. The Whole Of The Moon
  14. I Can See Elvis
  15. How Long Will I Love You
  16. Mad as the Mist and Snow
  17. Don't Bang The Drum
  18. Audience
  19. We Will Not Be Lovers
  20. Be My Enemy

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