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The Waterboys: 2011-08-13 - Festival du Chant de Marin, Port de Paimpol, Paimpol, France

See the setlist at setlist.fm2011-08-13 - Festival du Chant de Marin, Port de Paimpol, Paimpol, France
Mike Scotth - Guitar, Vocal
Steve Wickham - Violin
James Hallawell - Keyboards
Marc Arciero - Bass
Ralph Salmins - Drums
Melvin Duffy - Guitar
  1. If I Can't Have You
  2. All The Things She Gave Me
  3. Intro to Rags
  4. Rags
  5. Strange Boat
  6. Band introduction
  7. Glastonbury Song
  8. Intro to A Girl Called Johnny
  9. A Girl Called Johnny
  10. The Whole Of The Moon
  11. The Raggle Taggle Gypsy
  12. Do We Choose Who We Love
  13. When Ye Go Away
  14. Be My Enemy
  15. Fisherman's Blues
  16. Don't Bang The Drum
  17. Final Jam

From the included text file:

It was a pleasure to see The Waterboys here in France.

For an outdoor venue, the sound was very good, and the audience very respectful.

Mike mention that the song "A Girl Called Johnny", one of their very first hit, has not been performed for 25 years and with the exception of Mike and Steve, none of the band has ever played it before.


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Rnd. Tracklist

See the setlist at setlist.fm2007-03-07 - Poppodium 013, Tilburg, Netherlands
Mike Scott - Vocals, Guitar
Steve Wickham - Fiddle, Vocals
Richard Naiff - Keyboards
Mark Smith - Bass
Damon Wilson - Drums
  1. It's Gonna Rain
  2. Love Will Shoot You Down
  3. Nobody's Baby Anymore
  4. Dumbing Down The World
  5. Old England
  6. Everybody Takes A Tumble
  7. The Crash Of Angel Wings
  8. Killing My Heart
  9. Band introduction
  10. Sustain
  11. She Tried To Hold Me
  12. Red Army Blues
  13. Glastonbury Song
  14. Medicine Bow
  15. The Pan Whitin
  16. Audience
  17. You In The Sky
  18. Fisherman's Blues
  19. Audience
  20. Jig

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